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Welcome to the online help pages for Box Of Stops.

Please refer to the main website for how to get Box Of Stops installed and up and running. These wiki pages are the online guide to how to play and configure the virtual pipe organ from there.

If you're hunting for help, these pages can be searched using the box at the top of each page, or you may wish to scan the list of all pages.


Like with any organ through the centuries, these are the essential moving parts in Box Of Stops:

  • Registration - An organ is made up of Banks, Stops, Couplers and Combinations, which are all grouped together in a Registration. You can create as many different Registrations as you like.
  • Bank - Each keyboard or set of pedals is assigned to a Bank, which then has a list of Stops it can play
  • Stop - What can you do with each stop
  • Coupler - How to link two Banks together
  • Combination - A preset group of Stops and Couplers, that can be toggled on with a single touch

Using Box Of Stops

Some more general topics about how to get the most out of Box Of Stops:

Wider topics

Clearly Box Of Stops uses Midi behind the scenes. Here are a few topics that will help in this area:

  • Local control - To let Box Of Stops take full control of your keyboard
  • Latency - How to make sure the organ keeps up with your playing
  • Midi panic - What to do if all the notes start clanging


  • No sound - What have I forgotten to do?

More technical:

  • Hotspot mode - A tip to reconfigure the Raspberry Pi as a standalone Wi-Fi router
  • Raw Raspbian - How to install to a Pi with just Raspbian installed
  • Advanced - Topics to go further with Box Of Stops, with a bit of know-how